Sales Policy

Full Speed Ahead Pricing, Sales, & Advertising Policy
Jan 1, 2024

Full Speed Ahead, Inc. (FSA) is the brand owner and exclusive manufacturer of products bearing the Full Speed Ahead, Metropolis, and Vision brand names. Hereafter in this document all “product(s)” are in reference to current line offerings of each respective brand. It is the responsibility of FSA to protect and perpetuate the quality and image of its brand and those products bearing its brand names. By establishing clearly defined guidelines and policies for the advertising and sale of FSA branded products, FSA can establish, manage, and maintain a credible, high-quality marketing program for its Full Speed Ahead, Metropolis, and Vision products.


It is expected that FSA distributors and dealers will adhere to the sales and advertisement policy set forth in this document. It is the responsibility of FSA distributors to communicate the policies outlined in this document to their customers.

Minimum Advertised Price

Price discounting or auctioning products at less than our Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) by resellers is disruptive to the entire supply chain and reduces the profitability of the FSA branded product line to everyone’s detriment, as well as lowering the product’s reputation in the eyes of the consumer. To retain demand for a premium FSA product line, dealers must adhere to our MAP policy. Statements such as “call” or “call for price” or listing a product without a price then stating a discount will be applied after placing item into shopping cart are not allowed.

FSA acknowledges in retail environments; our accounts are free to sell products at whatever price they deem necessary. However, any account who violates MAP or otherwise seeks to circumvent this policy by entering into a business arrangement to resell or auction current products without respecting MAP shall be prevented from further purchasing products from FSA and its affiliated network of distributors and dealers.

FSA actively monitors on-line and print advertising of its products to both ensure adherence to our MAP pricing policy and to prevent counterfeit products from entering the sales channel. If you suspect a violation, please bring your concerns to FSA directly at

Promotional Pricing

Dealers may participate in FSA’s specified promotional periods outlined below. During promotions dealers will not discount further than 25% from MAP.

  • Spring Classics promotion March 16th – April 14th
  • Tour de France promotion June 29th –July 21st   
  • Holiday promotion November 25th – December 8th

Termination of Sales

In the event of a violation, FSA reserves the right to terminate any and all rights and/or access that a dealer or distributor has to FSA products.


Retail Sales

It is understood that in today’s world, Internet, Direct Marketing, and international sales are a fact of the retail environment. No account may offer, either directly or indirectly FSA’s current products for sale via direct marketing catalog, national print advertising, regional print advertising, or electronically via the Internet without specific signed authorization from FSA prior to placement for publishing or posting. No account shall knowingly permit or allow FSA’s current products to be advertised for sale or resale by auction, electronic or otherwise, without specific signed authorization from FSA.

Further FSA products may not be listed, sold on, or shipped through a third-party web site like: Amazon, eBay, Sears,, Newegg, Rakuten, Walmart, or any other site that functions as a third-party market aggregator unless authorized by FSA. FSA reserves the right to restrict sales to any dealer who violates either the letter or spirit of this policy.


All advertising (including print, Internet, radio and TV) for Full Speed Ahead and Vision brand products must meet the following criteria and be approved for usage by FSA.

  • Only full-color images of the FSA products may be used for advertising. If a black and white image is used, it must be pre-approved by our Marketing
  • Text-only advertisements are not permitted. If you need images of FSA products, please contact your sales ­

    Effective Date

    These policies will go into effect on January 1st, 2024. For more information about FSA products or these policies, please contact us at (425)-488-8653 or