Headset Star-Nut Driver



• Enables, fast, accurate and aligned insertion of starnuts into fork steerer tubes
• 253 grams

1. Screw the star-nut fully onto the stud of the star-nut driver. Position the star-nut in the opening of the fork steerer tube. To ensure straight star-nut insertion, always use with the driver guide. Slide the driver guide sleeve over the star-nut driver and the fork tube.
2. Tap the anvil with a hammer to start driving in the star-nut. The driver guide sleeve will ensure that the star-nut presses in straight.
3. When the star-nut is fully inserted into the head tube, the radial ring on the driver will stop the tool.
4. When the star-nut stops, remove the handle and assemble the top cap and stem.